Naughty Nerves

Meeting a provider for the first date is a very exciting time, though it can bring on some serious nerves, in both the build up and the initial meet. But there are ways to manage this and ease those nerves to make sure you have a truly memorable, mind blowing time. 


Hopefully before locking in a date, you’ve done some research. You’ve found your lovely lady, and have started following her social media platforms to better get a feel for them (which obviously you’ve done or you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter hehe). While the advertising platforms are very curated, social media has more of our personality included, and more selfies than professional shoots, so you can have a better idea about who you are really meeting up with. Which should help ease your nerves that who you have planned a date with is genuinely who you’ll be meeting. 


Though this time between planning a date and the date itself needn’t be all nerves and anxiety. Having something to look forward to and get excited about sure makes the days fly by. And in our case, if that excitement builds up too much, you can always head to my fans page for some eye Candy and a little relief. 


Which no, that won’t affect our date at all. Sometimes we can build things up a lot in our minds, and then, especially for men, can affect the ‘performance’ on the day. The best way around this is to not focus on ‘staying hard’, and just focus on the moment and be mindful of all the fun little details. Notice how my breasts brush along your skin as I lower myself down your body. Notice how my skin feels beneath your fingers. Don’t focus on an outcome, focus on the pleasures. The pleasure of physical sensations, the pleasure of the sounds, the pleasure of watching me blow your… mind. 


A great way to manage any nerves and anxiety is to manage expectations. The best way to do this is with open communication, right from the initial contact. I love to hear what you would like to happen, and there are definitely some things that I need to plan and prepare for in advance. Even it’s just to tell me that you’d like me to lead our dance, then you won’t have to be nervous about when to slide over the lounge to smooch me. I’d love to guide your hands onto my ass, my hips, my breasts… 


Another way to use that pre date anxiety is with your own little preparations. Things to do in the build up, like pamper sessions even – yes, men do these as well. Lock in something each day in the week building up – trim those nails (or get a mani pedi), use a face mask, trim unwanted hair, get a haircut, polish those boots. Turn that anxious energy into self care. And trust me, I will definitely notice the effort!


Candice xx

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