Safe Space

Do you have a secret? Perhaps a secret that you have never told anyone except for the search bar on Porn Hub? If you don’t, or you are out and proud about your turn-on’s then awesome, I am genuinely happy for you. If not, well, have you ever considered looking for a “professional dance partner” to help make your secret fetish/kink a reality? It can be an extremely relieving (dare I say therapeutic) experience to play out what you desire deep down and possibly feel ashamed about.

I recently had an encounter on my travels with an individual who had a very niche fetish. I will, for propriety’s sake, call this fetish, their, “balloon fetish” which wasn’t their actual fetish, but I would like to maintain a level of privacy for them. They initially enquired asking me if I would like to explore their balloon kink. I could tell from this email that they were well spoken, respectful and sincere. They wanted me to sit on balloons and pop them throughout our time together. I found myself curious, so I excitedly agreed to make this happen. Come to the fateful day we were to meet; I had all the “balloons” blown up and ready to go. When they arrived, I am sure they could tell I was super excited and happy as I noticed their initial nerves calm rather quickly. We talked, made out and touched each other before we got “poppin’”, in which I enthusiastically was putting balloons in all kinds of places! Underneath me, between us when we were having sex, putting multiple balloons around us as we went from position to position. I found myself getting rather creative with the whole experience as I could see how much they were enjoying themselves! It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in the bedroom so far in my career and I think that was largely due to making someone feel so at ease and happy to explore a kink they have always felt so scared to open up about.


After this experience I began to wonder what exactly made this a particularly positive and uplifting experience for both of us. I think it boils down to the fact that, as humans, we all want to feel cared for and accepted, especially when it comes to our inner most desires, in this case sexual desires. On this day, both of our needs were met. This person was able to live out something they most likely hadn’t shared with anyone and finally plucked up the courage to make it happen. For me, I was able to give someone acceptance and approval which is what I live for! It is a win-win for both parties.


It is a shame that society conditions us to believe that our preferences and desires are less than normal if they don’t fit the typical mould. However, you are never completely alone. If you have thought of it, I guarantee you others have too. If you can find a partner who supports your kink or even shares it that is amazing! However, if you haven’t quite found that person yet, there are always escorts/sex workers who can provide this experience for you. Do your research to find a kink-friendly provider and get in contact! I assure you it could be the experience of a lifetime!


Candice xx

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