Play Together Stay Together

They say three is a crowd, but one person’s crowd could be another one’s pleasure. And in my humble opinion three or more in the bed can unlock pleasures that two people can only dream of. In this particular context I am talking about a couple inviting one or more extra bodies into their intimate space. I want to explore why some partners choose to venture down this road and in what exciting ways they choose to do it in. And then to finish off I will share some experiences I have had with couples and why I love being involved.


Why do you think a couple would need/want more than each other? This answer can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Because everyone is so individual in their needs and needs can change over time I cannot possibly cover this in its entirety. But for brevity I will cover some common threads as to why. A common reason can be that their sexual lives can become repetitive and uninspired after months or years of treading the same sexy waters, so to rekindle or spice things up, a couple may want to invite a third or fourth to spark up some fresh ideas, energy and experiences. Another reason could be that they want to explore their sexuality further and engage in sex with someone of the same or different gender, and being by the side of their loved one can enhance their pleasure and give support. In saying that, there is something magical about having these intimate experiences with your significant other by sharing an exciting/daring new experience. Sure, it could present unexpected challenges, but this can be a beautiful opportunity to grow and learn more about what makes each other tick. And lastly, for some, it is just a fun romp that may not have deep meaning to it at all, it’s just a novelty experience and that is that. Every reason is valid as long as it is consensual and sincere. This leads to my next point, in what ways do couples like to explore?


How do couples like to get down and dirty with others? Like the above mentioned point, the answers are countless and varied. I will cover some common experiences partners may enjoy. Let’s begin with the “kinky couple”! I am not experienced in the world of BDSM and so when I discuss kink, I am talking about surface level/light kink and BDSM exploration. So, perhaps one person wants to be tied down while the other two explore? This may be exciting to the individual in the couple who is often too shy or feels guilty when the focus is all on them, so by restraining and giving themselves permission to submit to the other parties in their pleasure can be a way to enjoy the moment and be present. Kinky experiences and playing with dom/sub roles can also lend itself to the power play of cuckolding. Typically (as always this can vary) in which one person will not participate in the sexual act and will watch from afar, commonly while their partner is having sex with the third party. Or perhaps the couple gets off on being watched by a third party? As you can tell the possibilities are endless. I am merely giving some ideas here. 


Those who are looking to potentially open up their relationship, even to the point of looking at polyamory, bringing in a paid professional can really help with this. There won’t be emotions coming into play, you don’t have to scroll dating apps or hope to pick someone up that will agree to your threesome. Hiring an escort for your exploration into threesomes (or “moresomes”) ticks all the boxes when it comes to safely exploring these dynamics within your relationship.


I would also like to mention the use of sex toys in these collaborative encounters. A strap-on can always enhance a situation and give possibilities to many new positions and sensations (double penetration being a particularly common one on the bucket list of some couples), not only strap-ons but vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and more! It is often a fun time to explore and play when in a group. Now, it doesn’t always have to be so fancy during these experiences. Some people may not want all the bells and whistles, or it may be too intimidating to involve kinky scenarios/toys, so there is nothing to say that a sensual/fluid experience from start to finish isn’t the right way to go. Sometimes the most heightened experiences come from skin to skin contact in the most simple form. Essentially, there is no wrong or right way to go about these experiences, just what suits and feels right… Grace jones said it best, “If the fuck don’t feel right, don’t fuck it”. Great words to live by in my opinion.


I wouldn’t say I am the most experienced “dance partner” when it comes to bedroom adventures with couples. But I have had my fair share of dalliances. My first ever experience with a lovely couple was in a four-some situation. There was me, the couple and another gentleman. This particular grouping happened on a few occasions to my delight. I think it worked so well because the couple had communicated with each other what they wanted to experience, what they would like to try, and any hard no’s they might have had (luckily for me there were very few of those hehe). With that level of communication together, and then with me, we were  to explore in a more sensual, fluid play session, having a clear understanding of each other’s boundaries. We even unintentionally cucked the men, as the lovely lady and I got caught up with each other, and the men just happily watched from the sofa, mouths agape.


It was a while before I saw my first couple one-on-one and it was a very kinky experience, in which I acted as the couples sex-doll in which I was submissive as they called the shots (I wrote a lot more about this particular experience in “Candy’s Dirty Diary” in a previous newsletter). 


While I love the intimacy of my one on one dates, group play is just such a hot experience that I love to be a part of – there’s just so many options! I’ve found that those couples who book me, they’ve had the open and honest chat already, they’re good communicators but mostly, they are there to experience something (possibly) new TOGETHER – because they love each other. And I love love, and love being able to witness this in such a hot and exciting situation. To think I get to be a part of their journey, leave them with some very spicy memories (and make a whole lot of my own), is something I find really special.


A group of four (or more) can be something quite different, and again, so much variety and options to go around. Almost every single type of group play, the women generally play together. Even at swinger’s clubs (I’ve not been yet), their bi nights are only referring to bisexual men. While a foursome (with two men and two women) need not have the men play together, it is always another option. Not everyone needs to be playing at the same time (like I described above), although the dynamics of that are also fluid. The partnered woman may like to watch the other woman being double penetrated, or the man may want to watch his partner being pleased by another couple, or just plain old couple swapping. 


Threesomes (and moresomes) are a whole new way to play with your partner, and the above is just my own reflections on some of those experiences I’ve had the pleasure to experience. What would your ultimate threesome look like? Or would you be after the foursome? Do you know how to broach the subject with your lover?

Candice xx

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